Causes of Skin Problem

The state and health of a skin speaks volume on one’s health. It is a reflection on one’s diet, sleeping habit, lifestyle, skincare routine, mental and physical health. The list does not end here. In fact, it can be categorized into two main factors – External and Internal.

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External Factor on Skin Problem

Environment is a silent threat to our skin. The constant harmful substances that are released into the environment such as carbon monoxide and fine dust particles few to name.

Not to mention, the harmful ultraviolet rays from the Sun exposure can causes dark spots and uneven skin tone too. In the long run, wrinkles will be more visible if no care is taken. Sun protection such as sunglasses and sunblock are essential to minimize the impact.

Unlike the environment, our lifestyle is a personal choice. The daily habits such as what you put in your mouth, what products to apply on your skin. Eating habit reflects what our body rejects or accept and response accordingly. What you put in is what you get out. The new pimple you woke up to this morning could be due to all the junk food you have been consuming the past few days. Another choice you can manipulate is the skincare product you apply onto your face. Incorrect skin care is a common problem faced by many of us. Before choosing the products to apply, one has to know one’s skin type and concerns. So are you having a sensitive skin with regular pimple break outs? Or are you having a combination skin type with enlarged pore and sebum? Should you need help to analyze and identify the skin type and concern, you can contact us via whatsapp for a complimentary analysis.

Internal Factors on Skin Problem

Metabolism is how one body convert the food and drinks into energy. As we aged, our metabolism rates slow down. A poor metabolism can dehydrated skin, brittle nails, hair fall.

When one is stress, the body will released a chemical response – making the skin more sensitive and reactive. This causes a temporary change in hormones. Hormone Imbalance can occurs most commonly to female during periods and pregnancy; both female and male during menopause. This involves the changes of estrogen and testosterone. It can leads to a loss in skin elasticity, and drastic skin changes.

Beauty Sleep is real! During sleep, our body is repairing the various organs, cells and strengthening of immune system. The lack of sleep will not allow such work to be carried out and wounds such as acne will take a much longer time to heal.

Other than sleeping, many of us spend time being enclosed in an air-conditioned environment. Be it in our work spaces, homes, or shopping malls. The constant exposure to the cooling spaces can dry up the skin and causes dehydration. The lack of water can results in flaky skin and dry chapped lips.

Being expose to such harmful factors are putting our skin in an undesirable situation. We can mitigate the skin problem by making conscious changes to the bad habits. One common problem these factor leads to is dehydration. Similarly to our body, water is essential for our skin to perform, putting our best face forward, literally. Which is why hydration and moisturizing product are essential skincare product everyone should own.

Keep yourself hydrate and stay safe!

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