Maskne is here to stay. Face Mask Breakouts and 3 Ways to Prevention.

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A new term has emerged amidst the Covid-19 pandemic — Maskne.

What is Maskne?

Maskne definition with mask and acne visual

Wearing a face mask has become a norm in our daily life. Face masks are vital to limit the spread of virus. The constant and prolong wearing of face mask has resulted undesirable side effect. Maskne — as coined from the combination of mask and acne — is define a type of breakout by the wearing of face masks. Maskne is an acne formed in the area due to friction, pressure, stretching and rubbing between the skin and mask surface.

The friction the cloth of the mask on the skin can potentially damage the outer layer of the skin, increase irritability resulting in redness and itchiness. Making our skin highly sensitive, causing more oil gland clogging which resulted in larger pores and prominent acne.

How to Handle Maskne?

4 steps skincare routine for maskne prevention

Prevent Maskne using these Products


  • Step 1 – Wash your face twice a day with gentle face wash to prevent clogged pores
  • Step 2 – Use toner which help for anti-inflammatory and calming
  • Step 3 – Apply lotion or serum that help control excessive oil and help disinfect
  • Step 4 – Finish off with light weight moisturizer and sunblock

Use Gentle Cleanser

Every time you wear your face mask for a prolonged period, chances of sebum build-up increase. So, you might be incline to wash your face more often than usual. Cleansing more than twice a day or using a harsh cleanser can strip off your skins of its natural oil. In order to maintain a healthy skin barrier, the oil and water balance has to be optimal.

A gentle cleanser, such as M1 Balancing Mousse Cleanser and Purifying Wash will not strip off your skin’s barrier and able to maintain the optimal pH level. This will minimize the risk of drying out your skin from over washing, but also do a good job of cleaning the top layer of dirt and oil accumulated. However, cleansing more than twice is not recommended for those with sensitive skin.

Use Calming and Anti-inflammatory Toner

The trapped heat causes inflammation, which can get itchy and prickly on the skin, will reveal pronounced rashes and bumps all over. Using a toner, filled with anti-inflammatory ingredient, can treat and calm the inflamed area. Find a toner that contains witch hazel, licorice and chamomile. A toner that contains witch hazel soothes inflammatory-related issues, such as acne, eczema or psoriasis.

Another ingredient, licorice is a great antioxidant ingredient that calms redness, reduce swelling and itch whilst promoting brightening of skin. An alternative is chamomile which has anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties that fight against acne breakout and fade breakout scars.

The M2 Balancing Mousse Extract is filled with anti-oxidant ingredients to provide a radiant and healthy skin tone. Other than brightening and refining the skin tone, it contains witch hazel which has powerful anti-inflammatory property that helps combat acne.

Chamomile can be found in Jeunesse Lotion, which helps to control sebum production and purify the skin. It also provides anti-inflammation effect and reduces redness from acne.

Find Serum or Lotion with Zinc

The constant contact of mask and skin surface allows bacteria to flourish. Zinc plays an important role in the fight against bacteria, clearing acne and reduce overproduction of oil. Exceptional soothing and moisturizing properties, the Purifying Serum calms the epidermis, alleviate redness due to skin irritation and inhibit blemish-causing bacteria. Providing long-lasting shine-control.

Choose Lightweight Moisturizer

Moisturizer is a basic must have for all skincare routine. But why a lightweight moisturizer specifically? Commonly used during warmer atmosphere (especially so in humid Singapore), lightweight moisturizers are not heavy and absorb into the skin easily.

Maskne increases skin’s sensitivity. It is rosy colour, soft to the touch and fragile. Sensitive skin reacts to any stimulus, high or low temperatures, and it is prone to redness. Nuages Day Cream has hypoallergenic properties that help combat the problem.

Clear Maskne with these Facials Treatment

facial for male and female

Anti Acne Maskne Facial

Looking for a deep cleansing and extractions of those nasty breakouts, Anti Acne Maskne Facial is designed to treat acne breakouts, blocked pores and blemishes skin. Overtime, dirt, oil and toxins will build up on our skin, which soap and water will not be able to wash off. As a purifying facial, exfoliation and extraction are the crucial step. In Coslab, we believe with skillful, proper extraction and proper disinfection method, one will not leave the facial session with a swollen face, covered in redness. Staying true to its name, the facial will allow your face to be rid of acne or at least a faster healing period. Leaving the facial session with a clean and clear skin!

Phyto 5 Element Facial

Phyto 5 Element Facial is a customizable facial to cater to different skin concern. The facial uses skin care line that abounds with natural and organic ingredients such as clay, algae, plankton, trace minerals and essential oils that help soothe and renew skin. The Phyto 5 Elements – fire, water, metal, wood, earth – specifically target different area of concern and is proven as a vital energy balancer for all skin.

Get Healthy Skin with Clean Mask

flatlay of daily necessity like phone, mask, sunglasses, wallet

Mask is a vital need in everybody’s life. Right now, the basic necessity to have before leaving your house has to be phone, wallet, keys and mask.

Whether you are using disposable surgical mask, washable cloth mask or N95 mask, always keep your mask clean. Unclean mask can compromise your skin’s health and protection over the novel coronavirus. A clean mask allows your skin to breathe better and reduce the chances of acne. Regular cleaning for your mask is necessary to remove the debris, dirt and stains from your washable mask.

Care for Your Mask

hang dry mask

How to care for your mask?

  1. Rinse front and back with room temperature water
  2. Add a drop of mild soap and rub gently
  3. Carefully rinse away the soap
  4. Hand dry your mask
  5. Once mask is dry, fold it and store it in a ziplock packaging

Avoid doing these

  • Do not twist or wring
  • Do not use bleach, softener or detergent with fluorescent agent
  • Do not iron
  • Do not soak in water
  • Do not leave your mask lying around. Create a designated area to store the mask when you return home

Maskne is visible in the area covered by the face mask. The fight against maskne might be a long battle, but with the right products, soothing facials and correct steps to maintaining cleanliness, maskne can be prevented.

Facial/Product Recommendation

  • 90 Mins Hydrating Fruity Facial
    90 Mins Hydrating Fruity Facial
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    $168.00 $68.00
  • 90 Mins Acne Facial Treatment
    90 Mins Acne Facial Treatment
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  • ARENA Charcoal Foaming Mask 50mL
    ARENA Charcoal Foaming Mask 50mL
  • Snail's Extract Repairing Cream Gel
    LEIM Snail’s Extract Repairing Cream Gel 60mL
  • LEIM Nuages Day Cream 50mL
    LEIM Nuages Day Cream 50mL
  • ARENA Oxygenating Foam Cleanser 215mL
    ARENA Oxygenating Foam Cleanser 215mL
  • ARENA Oxygenating Foam Toner 215mL
    ARENA Oxygenating Foam Toner 215mL
  • ARENA Sayonara Purifying Serum 30mL
    ARENA Sayonara Purifying Serum 30mL
  • ARENA Purifying Wash 150mL
    ARENA Purifying Wash 150mL

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