Mother's Day Giveaway!

Pamper Yourself with the Best Facials and Massages!


[Mother's Day Exclusive] 3-Hour Ultimate Pamper Indulgence

$408.00 $118.00

Treat yourself with Ultimate Indulgence this Mother’s Day – Our bestselling Ultimate Spa Indulgence combo: An exquisite 105mins of V shape face lifting treatment + 75mins of our Signature Full Body Javanese Massage.

BONUS: Free 1x Total Eye Patch + 1x Apple Stem Cells Youth Renewal Whitening Facial Mask, worth a total of $50! Limited to the 1st 50 customers!

[Mother's Day Exclusive] 75 mins Face Gua Sha + Ear Candling

$196.00 $68.00

Relax, Rejuvenate and Beautify! Face Gua Sha is shown to reduce wrinkles, eyebags, dark eye circles, improve blood circulation, and detoxify the lymphatic system – for a healthy, glowy skin! Pair that with relaxing Ear Candling to remove earwax and you’re in for a special treat!


[Mother's Day Exclusive] 75 mins Womb Care (Qi Liao) Therapy

$196.00 $68.00

Using an all-natural blend of herbal remedies and aromatherapy, Womb Care (Qi Liao) is a natural therapy that is designed to promote overall hormonal balance, increase vitality and fertility and support the healthy functioning of female reproductive organs. 

You're so many things to so many people, and today, you're celebrated for the beautiful person you are.

120 mins Magnetique Mud Treatment

$480.00 $168.00

A luxurious, premium facial – for those who simply wants the best. Reverse time on your skin and have it feeling smoother, bouncier, and more radiant again! Amplify skin defense, reduce age spots, reduce wrinkles, reduce skin roughness and brightens skin tone!

90 mins Anti-Acne Maskne Facial

$228.00 $78.00

A special treat in these mask wearing times – A deep cleansing and extraction for those nasty breakouts. Our 15-Step Anti Acne Maskne Facial is designed to treat acne breakouts, clogged pores, oily skin and acne marks.

90 mins Phyto 5 Element Facial

$198.00 $68.00

Treat yourself this Mother’s Day with our 13-Step Phyto 5 Element Facial – with plenty of natural and organic ingredients like clay, algae, plankton, trace minerals and essential oils that helps to soothe and renew your skin!

To the world, you are a mother. To our family, you are the world.

105 mins Full Body Javanese Lymphatic Massage + Hot Stone Rub

$198.00 $68.00

Our signature Javanese Lymphatic Massage and Hot Stone Rub is sure to melt away aches, soothe tensed muscles and give you the relaxation and attention you deserve!

100 mins Parafango Treatment with Aroma Salt Body Detox Scrub

$356.00 $98.00

Lose stubborn fats and get smooth radiant skin at the same time! Now what could be better than that? Our luxurious Parafango treatment dissolves fat nodules, firms saggy skin and detox the body – For a slimmer, whiter, smoother and healthy looking skin and body. 

60 mins Panda Eye Bojin Eye Detox Treatment

$198.00 $58.00

Treat yourself with the Ultimate Indulgence this Mother’s Day – Our bestselling Ultimate Spa Indulgence combo: An exquisite 90mins of Hydrating Fruity Facial combined with another 90mins of our Signature Full Body Javanese Massage.

Mother's Day Giveaway

  • TOP 3 participants with the highest share count wins!
  • Prize(s) for participant with the Highest Share count: 1x 100mins V-Shape Face Lifting Treatment Voucher and 1x ARENA Xpress Skin Plus Mask worth $318!
  • Prize(s) for participant with the 2nd Highest Share count: 1x 100mins V-Shape Face Lifting Treatment Voucher worth $280!
  • Prize(s) for participant with the 3rd Highest Share count: 90mins Signature Full Body Javanese Massage Voucher worth $145!
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