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X-Press 6 Skin
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This search for eternal youth leads men and women to use this type of treatment: "topic toxin". lt's a unique anti-wrinkle peptide that is proven to be significantly effective against the appearance of wrinkles, making it an alternative to botulinum toxin type A. lt's a hexapeptide that interferes with the SNARE complex, reducing muscular contraction.
For this reason, this peptide is a topic alternative to botulinum toxins.
Its efficacy, together with further active high content ingredients, such as collagen, hyaluronic acid, mother cells, elastin, and retinol, reduce the deepness of wrinkles, skin's roughness and its effect over the  volume and length of the wrinkle.

This Arena unisex treatment can be applied at different ages as this is determined by the client and the state of his or her skin.
The complete routine of application of this package is exclusively for you and can be applied all year round. The aim is to make the skin on face, neck, and chest finer, smoother, more luminous, and healthy.
"When you're a baby, your skin is perfect: thick on the inside and thin on the outside. As time goes by, this is reversed; the outside skin becomes thick and furrows and wrinkles appear". Therefore, Arena strives to obtain these results. By using this skincare routine daily, we will diminish, and lighten up the skin on face, neck, and chest. No specialist is required to apply it. You do it yourself.



How to use: 

STEP l: Peeling Plus (one week twice)
STEP 2: Mask Plus AHA (one week once)
STEP 3: Tonico Relax Plus (morning and night)
STEP 4: Vial Concentrado Plus BXP8: half in the morning and half at night.
STEP 5: Cream Plus (morning)
Serum Celular Plus (night)
Steps 1 and 2, you can choose to carry out in the morning or at night as well as part of a daily routine.
Freshly completed it is recommended for a great make up for weddings, bridesmaids, and other
events as it provides luminosity and a face lift effect.