ARENA Sayonara Purifying Exfoliating Cleanser 100mL


A dual-phase cleanser that deeply cleanses and scrubs away dead skin cells, dirt, grime and makeup, revealing the clean and radiant skin beneath.



A gentle facial cleanser which contains fine exfoliating scrub particles that removes dead skin cells, unclogs pores, removes excess oil, removes dust and pollutants, smoothens uneven texture and softens the skin; all without drying the skin!



Removes Excess Oil, Makeup, Dirt & Pollutants

An oil-based cleanser removes oil, makeup & grime more effectively than a face wash.

Non-Drying Formula that Protects the Skin

Formulated with Glyceril that fortifies and locks in skin hydration while shielding the skin from external irritations.

Renews Skin

Aids with the cell turnover process where new skin cells take over the uppermost layer of the skin, replacing old and dead skin cells.

Unclogs Pores & Reduce Acne Breakouts

Unclogs and removes dead skin cells and sebum, which plugs up the pores and creating comedones, results in pimples.

Increases Effectiveness of Skincare Products

You’re wasting money on skincare if you do not exfoliate your skin! Exfoliating and removing dead skin cells clears up your skin for skincare products to effectively penetrate into the skin!

Improves Skin Appearance

Regular exfoliation helps even the skin tone, reduce dark spots, remove blackheads and whiteheads, resulting in radiant, less oily, healthier looking skin!

Dual Action

Get all the benefits of cleansing and exfoliating in one product!


Suitable for: Acne, Oily, Combination Skin



Acne Prone + Oily Skin

Use every night, followed by a gentle facewash after.

Skin exposed to Pollutants and Dirt

Use every night, followed by a gentle facewash after.

Normal to Combination Skin

Use every alternate night, followed by a gentle facewash after.



1)      Apply an adequate amount on dry skin.

2)      Gently massage the cleanser on your face in a circular motion, avoiding the eye contours.

3)      Adding a small amount of water, continue massaging your face & neck in a circular motion, adding more water as needed.

4)      Massage for 3-5 minutes and rinse off thoroughly with water.

5)      Continue with a gentle face wash like the Arena Purifying Wash.


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Aqua, Paraffin Oil, Glyceril, Stearate & PEG-100 Stearate, Carbomer, Triethanolamine, Propylene Glycol, Methylparaben, Ethoxydiglycol & Diisopropil Adipate & Methylparaben & Dehydoacetic Acid & Sorbic Acid & Propylparaben, Fragrance


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