ARENA T2 Telomax Wash 140mL


Envelops skin in a veil of cottony-soft texture and lifts away all impurities for a refreshing feel. Skin’s integrity is kept intact as the wash replenishes hydration with encapsulated Swiss Glacial Water that keeps it hydrated for up to 24 hours. A Complex of 7 plants infuse brightness and radiance into skin, instantly enhancing skin’s softness and smoothness.

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TeloYouth Complex™ removes dead skin cells, dirt and grime that accumulate daily on the surface of the skins epidermis. The infusion of seven alpine plants lightens skin and provides it with a radiant glow on the surface. Boost moisture levels of skin.


Squeeze a small amount onto the palm both morning and evening and work in the lather. Apply over the face and neck that are pre-moistened. Massage softly to remove impurities. Rinse, sound, and dry hand. Start with skin care day or night.

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Main Ingredients

TeloYouth Complex™

Alpine plant skin lighteners


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