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Leim Jeunesse Lotion


Jeunesse Lotion helps to control sebum production and purify the skin. It also provides anti-inflammation effect and reduces redness from acne.


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After Cleanse, apply lotion on face, or acne affected areas.

Skin Type

Combination Skin, Oily Skin

Product Type



Gentian, Camomile, Indian Chestnut tree oil, Sage



As a general rule, acne only affects youths during puberty, lasting sometimes to the age of 30. But it is a continuous and persistent problem for any beautician, and gives cosmetics laboratories one of their biggest challenges. Leim Jeunesse Lotion provides a complete and effective treatment that helps you treat the problem in a radical way, leaving your skin looking pure and healthy. 

The organic sulphur ingredients acts on the sebaceous glands helping to regulate their secretion, thus helping to reduce the production of excess oils on the skin’s surface.

Natural extracts such as Gentian help to rid the skin of harmful microorganisms, while regulating excessive production of fatty acids without any side effects. This leaves the skin fresh and totally cleansed.


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