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Leim Sayonara Ampoule (Set of 10)


Advanced detoxifying action to eliminate skin impurities. Has astringent and disinfectant properties. Suitable for oily, acne prone skin

10 x 4ml


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Skin Type

Product Type

Skin Concern


Main Ingredients

Salicilic Alcohol, Aluminium Chlorhidroxide,  Allantoin, Methionine, Cisteine, Triptofan, Arginine, Biological Sulphure


The composition of this product is based on a high concentration of natural amino acids, and a proportionate of natural amino acids, and a proportionate amount of sulphur, reinforced by the presence of other substances that configure Sayonara’s astringent and disinfectant properties.

By applying it to the skin we evoke an advanced detoxifying action, achieving highly satisfactory results in eliminating skin impurities.


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