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The secret to looking like a pro at any age? Skincare. But even if you’re an expert on all the best beauty rules, it can be hard to know what actually works. That’s why we have compiled this ultimate list of Skin Care Tips to help you look your best. These skincare tips range from the most basic to the most high-maintenance, but they’re all worth knowing! Follow these every day and you’ll never have to worry about acne again.

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Layering your facial products for your skin care routine is important; putting the wrong products in the wrong order would lead to the ineffectiveness of the product.

Maintain a Good Skin Care Hygiene

Having a proper skincare routine to your skin is key to good, glowing skin. If you’ve just wiped off your make-up, or applied a moisturizer, but didn’t properly clean your skin, you would have missed a key step. Cleansing, moisturizing, and applying SPF protection to your skin daily is essential, but that’s not the end of it. The type of cleanser is paramount to your skincare routine. Finding a gentle cleanser that works for your skin is key to this routine. If you’re prone to clogged pores, look for a gentle, non-comedogenic cleanser. Non-comedogenic skincare products contains ingredients that will not clog our skin or pores!

Keeping your skin clean is the basis for clear, healthy skin. Keep your hands away from your face especially if you have not washed your hands recently! You may not realise it, but throughout the day you are constantly picking up so much dirt and by touching your face, you are actually transferring the dirt and bacteria onto your skin. 

Always Moisturise and Hydrate your skin

Oily skin? Dry, Flaky skin? Believe it or not, both of these signs points to the lack of moisture in your skin. Excess oil (or sebum) is naturally produced by the skin as a skin barrier to lock in moisture. The very process of stripping away these oils leads to skin moisture loss, causing your body to compensate by producing even more sebum. As compared to drier skin, a more hydrated skin is shown to heal faster and produce less sebum. Moisturizing your skin is key to clear, smooth and supple skin. Using a moisturizer that contains BHAs (beta hydroxy acids), like salicylic acid, which goes deep into your pores to dissolve sebum and deal skin cells!

Moisturizing is just as important as cleansing your face as it helps to keep your skin clear, hydrated and wrinkle free (in the future). Hydrating your skin with the right products allows you to maintain your skin PH balance and reduces the chance of having skin problems. Moisturizing also helps your skin to stay young as dry skin tends to lead to premature skin aging. Frequent moisturizing helps your skin to repair itself and stay healthy.

Exfoliate at least once a week 

To improve skin texture, exfoliate regularly Exfoliating is a multi-purpose skin care step that will exfoliate dead cells from your skin surface, evening the skin tone while at the same time diminishing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Regular exfoliation leaves your skin feeling soft and supple. It also reduces the appearance of dark spots and unwanted imperfections!

This sounds so simple, but if you don’t exfoliate regularly, you can easily be wearing the same foundation for weeks and months. Exfoliation is a great way to get rid of dead skin cells, dull skin and boost cell turnover, helping your skin look younger and healthier. There are 2 different kinds of exfoliants in the market; physical and chemical. Physical exfoliants, like the ARENA Sayonara Exfoliating Cleanser, uses tiny particles to remove dead skin cells. Chemical exfoliants on the other hand, makes use of acids to dissolve dead skin cells. Both types of exfoliators has its pros and cons, so choose one depending on your skin type and the sensitivity of your skin.

Don’t squeeze whiteheads, blackheads or pimples

Whiteheads, blackheads and acne are all just the remnants of old skin cells that have yet to slough off – they’re definitely nothing to be ashamed of. It occurs in all skin type. But if you’ve squeezed a blemish too hard, the skin cells will remain trapped inside. The result? A dull red bump that can get infected. Instead, apply a dab of ARENA AP Lotion onto the blemish and let it naturally recover.

It is tempting to squeeze that pesky pimple when you get it but squeezing your whiteheads, blackheads, pimples may lead to effects such as sensitive skin, acne scarring, bacteria infection, longer healing period and inflammation. Therefore, it is always best to seek professional help to do a proper extraction or use over the counter treatment to treat your pimples. If you’re in need of professional help, check out our 90 Mins Anti-Acne Maskne Facial!

Always apply sunscreen wherever you are indoors or outdoors

If you’re not sure about why you should apply sunscreen, read on to see why! Sunscreen is always the last step after moisturiser before putting on your foundation. We recommend getting your broad-spectrum sunscreen at a minimum of SPF 30+ to be protected from sun damage.

Excessive sun exposure can increase the risk of skin cancer and early aging, which leads to premature wrinkles. There are 2 types of ultraviolet rays that can be damaging to your skin; Ultraviolet Ageing Rays (UVA) and Ultraviolet Burning Rays (UVB). Your eyes might not be able to see the rays, but your skin can definitely feel the effects of it. UVA can penetrate into the dermis layer of your skin and break down the collagen within your skin, leading to aging skin. UVB rays damage the outer layers of the skin, which can lead to skin cell damage and skin cancer. Always wear sunscreen regardless of the weather. Even when you’re at home, it is essential to wear sunscreen as the UV rays are able to penetrate windows too.  

Clean your makeup brushes regularly

We’ve all been there – we’re staring in the mirror at the end of the night, thinking about how to go about getting those pesky pimples away, and we can’t work out where to start. Brushes are just as important as skincare products and shouldn’t be neglected. Clean your brushes by rinsing them in lukewarm water, then drying them with a clean towel.

It is important to clean your makeup brushes at least once a week as over time the brushes will accumulate bacteria. Brushes also collect dead skin cells and oil which can in turn clog up your pores and cause dull and uneven skin texture.

Wash your pillowcase often

Your pillowcase might be one of the reasons why your acne is just not going away. Makeup, residual oil, sweat, bacteria and dirt can build up on your pillowcase despite you having washed your face before you sleep. We recommend changing your pillowcases every few days to daily, more often if you wear makeup, acne prone skin or are prone to night sweats. Quick tip: If you have particularly sensitive skin, we recommend using fragrance free detergents and avoid using fabric softeners.

Have a good diet and healthy lifestyle

It’s important to be in good condition when you’re young to prevent skin wrinkles and premature aging, and it’s especially important if you’re in your 30s. However, the key to skincare and preventing wrinkles is to keep in great shape. Stay fit with regular exercise, sleep, and rest — and make you’re having a healthy diet.

What you eat is just as important as what you put on your face. Eating that contains nutrients such as almonds, avocado and hazelnuts is a good way to get vitamin E, which promotes healthy skin growth. Drinking bone broth has collagen which helps to calm inflammation and gelatin helps to plump and smooth out fine lines, even skin tone and heal scars. In addition to that, healthy fat like oily fish, nuts and seeds also acts as a good moisturizer for your skin. Apart from having a good diet, regular exercise helps to increase blood flow and thus nourishing the skin cells and keeping them healthy. Remember to always drink about 6-8 glasses of water a day to hydrate your body and skin.

Reccomended Products

Skincare is an area of personal hygiene that’s all about ensuring you achieve a flawless skin. From babies to grandmas, every woman needs to care for her skin in order to ensure it stays beautiful. It’s so important that I’ve included some products to help keep you looking beautiful! I hope you’ve enjoyed this guide of Skin Care Tips from our Skin Expert!

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