105 Mins 5 Element Gua Sha Facial

(30 customer reviews)

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$300.00 $78.00

5 Element Gua sha Facial is a facial service that caters to all skin types and skin concerns. Suitable for both male and females, It follows the formulation principles of TCM, divided into the 5 aspects of vital energy; Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water. The facial combines modern facial techniques with traditional chinese TCM guasha techniques to soothe, hydrate and renew the skin.


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Get your skin glowing in 105 minutes! The 5 Element Gua sha Facial is a personalized facial gua sha treatment tailored to your skin type and concern. It uses a combination of modern facial techniques and ancient TCM Guasha techniques to calm, hydrate and revitalize your skin.


Combining traditional chinese TCM techniques and modern innovations on skincare, the 5 element gua sha facial treatment aims to restore the natural balance of the skin, removing impurities and restoring hydration. Facial guasha helps relaxes facial muscles and boosts lymphatic drainage, reducing puffiness and face tension. Results are visible from the first session and only improve with each consecutive visit.



Firms, Tightens and Lifts the skin! Enhance your skin's natural beauty with traditional guasha and modern facial techniques that even helps reduce fine lines and wrinkles.


Our signature extraction thoroughly and safely removes congestions from deep within the pores, while keeping everything clean and sterile. Bye bye blackheads, whiteheads and say hello to soft, smooth skin!


Guasha is used to maximise the absorption and efficacy of our highly concentrated Vitamin A.C.E Cream, leading to instantly glowy and brighter skin!


Shown to promote microcirculation, speed up collagen production and remove toxins from the skin, leading to tighter, brighter, and bouncy skin!


Packed with vitamins and minerals that helps repair damaged skin, replenish moisture, soothe irritation, reduce pore size, and rebalance your skin.


Every skin is unique! Our expert beauticians analyses your skin and recommends the best ingredients and routine for you, according to what your skin needs!


Following the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine, our skincare blends are divided into 5 elements: Metal, Wood, Water, Fire and Earth. In TCM, all skin conditions are attributable to an imbalance (or lack of) one of more of the 5 elements that constitutes to vital energy. Our expert beauticians will analyze your skin and recommend the best ingredients and routine for you, based on what your skin needs.


Plumps, brightens and smoothes dry, congested skin


Clears and brightens oily skin and pigmentation.


Tones, firms and rehydrates dry, mature skin


Soothes red, irritated and sensitive skin


Purifies, detoxes and rebalances skin


Our Results Speaks For Itself

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Years & Counting


1. Consultation + Analysis

A professional consultant performs visual and in-depth analysis to further understand your unique skin.

2. Welcome Touch

Aromatherapy, combined with deep breathing and relaxation massage to relax your mind and body.

3. Cleanse

Milk cleanser removes oil based makeup, dirt, and impurities on your skin.

4. Wash

Our bubble wash creates a rich lather that deep cleanses the pores.

5. Diamante Peel (Exfoliation)

Removes dead skin cells, evens out your skin tone and smoothens wrinkles and facilitate skin renewal.

6. Steam

Boosts moisture, softens blackheads, opens up the pores and prepares your skin for extraction.

7. Extraction

Our signature extraction thoroughly removes blackheads, whiteheads and congestions in the pores.

8. Eyebrow Shaping (Optional)

Get your eyebrows professionally shaped to match your radiant skin!

9. Algoderm Face Mask

A moisturising mask, enriched with mineral-rich algae, balances moisture, reduces redness, and purifies pores.

10. Scalp / Shoulder Massage

Relieves tension and relax aching muscles with our signature massages! *Shoulder massage for females only

11. Guasha with Vitamin A.C.E Cream

Lifts, sculpts and tightens skin. Brightens skin and reduces fine lines. Increases circulation and detoxes for glowing skin.

12. Lifting Massage

Lifts, Firms and Tones the skin with our professional face lifting massage!

13. Customised 5 Element Mask

A custom mask that is personalised to you based on your skin needs.

14. Final Touches

The final touches - toner, moisturizer and sunblock to protect your skin!

15. Aftercare Consultation

Our expert consultants will give advices on skin care products and how best to maintain your new, glowing skin!


Store Location

Bukit Panjang Plaza, Northpoint City (North Wing), Orchard, The Centrepoint, Waterway Point, Yew Tee Point

Terms & Conditions

  1. Strictly limited to 1 purchase per NRIC / valid Work Pass.
  2. Kindly Present your NRIC / valid Work Pass in the outlet for verification.
  3. This promotional price is only valid for customers purchasing this service for the first time on our Online Store. A top up to the usual price is required for subsequent purchases. The top up must be made at the outlet before commencement of the service.
  4. Voucher Expires 3 months from date of purchase.
  5. Suitable for both Male and Female customers.
  6. Prior appointment needs to be made a week in advanced, either by Call/Whatsapp to the outlet or by filling up our Online Booking Form.
  7. Strictly no refund of service voucher(s).
  8. This voucher is not redeemable for cash.
  9. Not valid during public holiday.
  10. Not valid with other promotion or discount.
  11. Walk-ins will not be allowed.
  12. All payments are to be paid in full before commencing the service.
  13. Arrive at least 10 minutes earlier for your appointment.
  14. 25 Feb 2022: As a temporary precaution, kindly inform us to reschedule your appointment:
    1) if you are feeling unwell
    2) if you are a close contact of a COVID-19 case in the past 7 days
    3) if you have contracted COVID-19 Do take note that the session can only take place from the 15th day onwards of contracting COVID-19


The 5 Element Guasha Facial Treatment caters to all skin types and is suitable for both male and female individuals. It combines modern beauty treatments, aesthetic techniques, chinese therapy technique and facial massage with massage tools for a natural facelift and beautiful skin.

Guasha is a traditional TCM technique that uses jade rollers or a Flat Jade Gua Sha tool to stroke the skin in a linear or circular motion. The gua sha tool has been used for centuries by Chinese acupuncturists and physicians to treat various ailments, including pain relief, increasing lymphatic flow, increasing blood flow, relieving tension headaches, reducing the appearance of wrinkles, increase skin elasticity, and relieving muscle tension and muscle pain. The flat jade tool is made of natural stone, which is hard enough to penetrate deep into the body, stimulating the meridian channels and increasing micro – circulation.

Traditional Guasha facial treatment techniques is used in conjunction with the beauty award winning PHYTO 5 skin care line; with its skin care products made in Switzerland and abounds with natural and organic ingredients such as clay, algae, plankton, trace minerals and essential oils that help soothe, renew, and supports a healthy skin barrier.

The PHYTO 5 skin care line uses principles from Traditional Chinese Medicine, dividing their skincare blends into five elements: Metal, Wood, Water, Fire and Earth. According to traditional Chinese medicine, all skin conditions are due to imbalances of one or more of the five elements that constitute to vital energy. We will analyze your skin and suggest the best ingredients and beauty routine based on what your skin requires.

Wood Imbalance:

  • Oily skin, blackheads, hyper-pigmentation
  • Issues of vital energy circulation

Fire imbalance:

  • Redness, irritated, sensitive, blotchy or allergic skin, excessive heat and perspiration
  • Issues of red blood (arterial) circulation

Earth imbalance:

  • Blemishes, toxicity, acne-prone skin, psoriasis, enlarged pores
  • Lymph circulation problems

Metal imbalance:

  • Dry skin, surface flakiness, dull and lifeless skin
  • Issue of blue blood or venous circulation problems such as varicose vein (spider viens)

Water imbalance:

  • Dehydration, lack of tone, wrinkles
  • Excess kidney energy causing puffiness under the eyes; or dark circles
  • Issue of water circulation (water retention)

30 reviews for 105 Mins 5 Element Gua Sha Facial

  1. Siti

    Facial was awesome, felt like a pampered gurl

  2. Corrine

    Xiao Hui was informative and patient. Had a good time

  3. Lillian

    I like the orchard staff very friendly and service is good

  4. Jean Lam

    After treatment was a bit pushy but okay lah. Would have gotten a package if it was nearer to my house.

  5. Analise

    Room could be more aesthetic but facial was good

  6. Jade

    One of the better facial I went. Didnt regret. Helps with my skin

  7. Khai Li

    Great Job at Yewtee

  8. Richard

    Joey was good from centrepoint! would come back again. worth it.

  9. Kassy

    Jessi was very good in giving me advice after i did the guasha. Decided to get the package from them as i saw an immediate difference. I can’t wait for my next session with her.

  10. Susan

    Not much to say overall good experience~

  11. Li Qing

    Had a excellence service from May ystd! Great facial! 🙂

  12. Jolene

    Bought the first time trial. Seamless process as it was my first time trying guasha. No hardselling too.

  13. Xan Lu

    Highly recommend this facial! My face instantly looks brighter

  14. Yee lam

    amazing service, face feels great after

  15. Ameera

    Face was alot slimmer and brighter. Would recommend it.

  16. Alison

    First time going facial since covid. Was really good. Only complain that the location was quite far from my place as i stay in the east. Hope they open one in the east soon!

  17. Chloe lim

    The lady who serve was very friendly and professional didn’t managed to get her name but its was from waterwaypoint

  18. Roy

    Good service. Vicki was good at it

  19. Serlyn

    Highly recommend it . Gua sha is in trend and i wanted to go see to see what was the hyped about. Loved my exp there! 🙂

  20. Sinothrati

    Couldnt find the place, but facial was made up for it. Abit pushy

  21. Merry Maran

    Saw ad video on it and it looks great. The beautician did great!

  22. Brandon Tan

    Like the guasha, but abit hard to get appt think its pretty pops

  23. Emily see

    one of the better guasha i went. Extraction was thorough 2

  24. Kelly tang

    Great facial

  25. Soon Min

    Marie was good. Guasha was soothing and relaxing

  26. Arlien kang

    Vicki was patient love the guasha that i fell asleep during the sess

  27. Karen

    The mask and guasha helps alot with my dull and sagging skin. good service by northpoint

  28. Keat Lim

    Love the Gua Sha , unique experience

  29. Jiaqi

    Very good. Location is convenient

  30. Shafiqah

    Bought the promo for my mother and she love it. Can’t wait to try it for myself next week

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