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female wearing mask with acne problem

Maskne is here to stay. Face Mask Breakouts and 3 Ways to Prevention.

A new term has emerged amidst the Covid-19 pandemic — Maskne. What is Maskne? Wearing a face mask has become …

Tips and Tricks

Shop Tutorial

Video Tutorial Create An Account Creating an account on our website is easy! First, click on the      icon on …

airplane window seat view
Skin Care

Easy Travel In-flight Skincare Routine

How Flying Affects your Skin? Flying causes our skin to dehydrate and breakout due to the low humidity, dry cabins …

Sunblock for all weather
Beauty Products

Rain or Shine, sunblock is my best friend

Do we need sunblock during rainy or cold season? YES! Sky may looks cloudy and we are not directly exposed to the sun. But the rays peeping through the clouds are more concentrated with UV rays and are harmful for skin. So remember to always have your sunblock on.

Tips and Tricks

How to get quality sleep?

Did you know?1) Lavender oil can enhance sleep quality and increase time spent in deep, slow-wave sleep. 2) Stick to …


Valentine’s Day gifts your partner wants

Valentine’s Day falls on the 14th of February, representing a day filled with love and joy. The streets fill with flowers, chocolates and hand written letters as couples celebrate this romantic holiday, expressing their love to their significant other. But how did Valentine’s Day come about?

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Understanding Skin and Defend Your Skin Barrier

Achieving healthy good skin simply is not because of one factor – but multiple. It is a reflection of your lifestyle, daily habits, diet and skin care knowledge.

Beauty Products

Causes of Skin Problem

The state and health of a skin speaks volume on one’s health. It is a reflection on one’s diet, sleeping habit, lifestyle, skincare routine, mental and physical health. The list does not end here. In fact, it can be categorized into two main factors – External and Internal.

Beauty Products

Misconception of Dry and Dehydrated Skin

A healthy balance between oil and water in the skin is extremely important in making sure your skin is clear and acne free. Without this healthy balance, your skin is unable to function properly, resulting in various skin problems that are resulted from either lack of water or oil on the skin.