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Acne: Causes, Prevention & Treatments

Acne Vulgaris, more widely known as acne, is a common condition that occurs when hair follicles, those tiny skin openings, …

Acne Scars

Can Acne Scars Really Be Removed?

Acne scar removal is often a pressing concern for those who have battled past skin issues, as acne scars can often feel like an unwelcome souvenir from past skin struggles; leaving us wondering if they can ever truly be erased. Thankfully, advancements in dermatology and skincare have introduced various methods that hold the promise of reducing, if not eliminating, the appearance of acne scars. Let’s deep dive into the causes, types, skincare, and treatments for all types of acne scar removal.


Period Acne. Why do we get them?

As though painful cramps are not bad enough, women still have to go through period breakouts! Just why do women experience period acne?


Maskne is here to stay. Face Mask Breakouts and 3 Ways to Prevention.

A new term has emerged amidst the Covid-19 pandemic — Maskne. What is Maskne? Wearing a face mask has become …

Beauty Products

Misconception of Dry and Dehydrated Skin

A healthy balance between oil and water in the skin is extremely important in making sure your skin is clear and acne free. Without this healthy balance, your skin is unable to function properly, resulting in various skin problems that are resulted from either lack of water or oil on the skin.


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