Telomax Series

Teloyouth Collection

Inspired by the Novel Prize-Winning Discovery of Telomeres to Re-Establish Youth in Cells, the Teloyouth collection are made up of products that focuses on the prolonging the lifespan of the skin cells in our body by cell regeneration and maintenance of the telomeres.

This is done through in-depth cellular regeneration which encompasses the holistic action on 3 levels.

Cellular Level


Cellular Level

This process makes use of major revolutionary ingredients such as

  • Teloyouth Complex
  • Alps Botanical Extract
  • Clycovene Complex
  • Phytomarine Extract

and makes use of vital cell communicators such as Dermal Epidermal Junction Protein Stimulators to ensure to sustainability of telomeres and skin cells and combatting premature aging.

Find the right skincare for your skin!

Sensitive + Weak Skin Cleanser


Sensitive + Weak Skin Sunblock


Ageing / Wrinkles Sunblock


Sensitive + Weak Skin Toner


Sensitive + Weak Skin Face Wash



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